Coaching Programs

Hot Shots:

This program develops a child’s fundamental motor skills hand-eye co ordination, balance, movement and confidence. The use of modified equipment including racquets, nets and lower compression balls makes the learning process easier, accelerating improvement and the child’s enjoyment of the game. Slower balls allow children to develop the most efficient technique as the balls bounce lower allowing them to make consistent contact at the appropriate height for their ability.

Duration: 30 mins & 45 mins

Group Coaching:

Designed to establish the correct foundations for continual and accelerated development. Focusing on technical development, footwork/movement and tactical awareness it aims to give players the confidence to play and enjoy the game in an energetic environment.

Duration: 45 minutes

Squad Training:

For competition players and those with limited tournament experience looking to take their game to the next level. Ideal for those progressing from Hot Shots Tennis and prepares players to then progress into the Coburg Tennis Club High Performance Program.

Incorporating the philosophies of Coburg Tennis Club it includes:

Drills (live ball and fed focusing on footwork and simulated match situations)


Tactical awareness and mental training

Footwork and physical conditioning

Tennis etiquette and sportsmanship

Duration: 60 mins & 90mins

Cardio Tennis:

Cardio Tennis is a fun, social, group tennis-fitness program for people of all ages and abilities. It’s more about getting a great, high energy workout than pure tennis technique.

Constant movement is the focus as you are guided through a series of fun and heart pumping drills that cater for all abilities and fitness levels.

A Cardio Tennis workout runs for 45 or 60 minutes and is comprised of:

​5-10 minute warm up

0-50 minute cardio segment with drill-based and play-based activities

5-10 minute cool down

Participants wear heart rate monitors, exercise to music, use low compression balls, and a variety of equipment including agility ladders. ​

Private Lessons:

Private Lessons are a great way to fast track development.

​Lessons are designed to meet the specific goals and needs of the player individually with 1:1 student coach ratio.

​It provides more intense focus on the technical, tactical, footwork/movement and mental skills of the player and sets achievable goals for players to continually work on.

​Private Lessons are suited to players of all standards and are the best way to achieve maximum improvement. It’s a great for beginners and those new to the game to build a solid technical foundation without the pressures of a group situation.

Your game is assessed based on our 5 key areas and a plan is formulated which is periodically evaluated, to achieve your personal goals.

Duration: 30 minutes or 45 minutes

High Performance Squads:

The Coburg Tennis Club High Performance Program is for serious tennis players who are pursuing a career in tennis professionally, at US College level or to attain higher honours. It is aimed at junior and professional players.

It is designed to complement a players existing training schedule and provide players with an elite and professional player development program.

All players will be required to meet the specific training, performance and behavioural standards set and expected of them.

Individual Programs

Players working with Coburg Tennis Club exclusively will be provided with a comprehensive and detailed long term development plan.

Fitness, Strength and Conditioning

Physical conditioning is a crucial element in player development and compulsory in all our squads. The physical demands of tennis sport make it essential that players develop a consistent conditioning program.

Periodic assessments and individualised programs devised for players

Footwork/movement training

Create elite tennis athletes and mental toughness

Mental Training

Educate and empower players with the mental skills that will enable them to perform at their optimum level.  This includes the following components:

Positive attitude and body language


Self confidence